Your Spring Break Guide to Dahlonega, GA

While everyone else is gearing up for their beach trips for spring break, what if you thought outside of the box this year and packed your bags for a slow weekend nestled in the mountains of North Georgia? Say “see ya” to the crowded sand beaches and touristy restaurants for a season and say hello […]

Make Memories In The Mountains This Valentine’s Day

Christmas has passed and January is here which means that another special holiday is right around the corner. Hues of pinks and reds will soon fill the grocery store aisles, chocolate sales will skyrocket and your significant other will begin to wonder what you’re going to pull off this year.  If planning the perfect Valentine’s […]

Dahlonega in December: Your Magical Winter Getaway

Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie during the holidays and wish that you could jump into your TV screen to join the charming Christmas festivities in the sweet small towns?  They’re places where everyone knows each other, the visitors are welcomed with open arms, smiling faces fill the streets and the holidays serve as […]